Oracle EBS Platform Migration – A Quick note



I read around for strategies on platform migration of EBS R12 and 11g DB. There are paths defined by Oracle which guides such migrations. Given below is a high level description of an oracle endorsed approach of App-Tier migration process.  DB migration is a separate topic and should be dealt as such.


  1. Most of the application tier migration can be done in advance and a very minimal downtime is required. However DB tier migration will require downtime (you have to move the 2 TB data from one place to other!)
  2. The below steps are explained in detailed in the note (438086.1) which was my reference.


  • Pre-Requisites
  1.     OS system requirements in the new platform target machine.
  2.     Software requirements on source and target machine (zip, JDK, perl etc)
  3.     Apply the latest AD Patch (R12.AD.B.DELTA.3 for 12.1)
  4.     Upgrade to EBS 12.0.4 or higher
  5.     Apply the latest Autoconfig template patches
  6.     Apply the latest Rapidclone Patches
  7.     Apply Platform Migration Patches & Additional Patches (No Patched advised for 12.1.x at this point of time)
  8.     Run Autoconfig on Source system
  9.     Run adpreclone in source system
  10.     Run maintain snapshot (And this must complete successfully)
  11.     Identify Tech Stack Updates to be done to the Target machine after the migration. This is done by using technology Stack Inventory utility
  •     Migration tasks
  1.     Generate and upload the manifest of customer-specific files. This is used to generate a custom migration patch. The custom migration patch created is specific to specific upgrade only and contains all the files contained in the APPL_TOP that are binary specific to the new target platform. This patch is therefore applied in the new environment.
  2.     Copy the Source System to the Target System
  3.     Install JDK and InfoZip utilities on the Target System
  4.     Copy the Source System Context File to the Target System
  5.     Clone the Applications Context File on the Target System
  6.     Install the Application Tier Technology Stack
  7.     Run AutoConfig setup phase on the Target System
  8.     Download and apply the customer-specific update with AutoPatch
  9.     Review Component Versions and Technology Stack patch level
  10.     Regenerate File System Objects
  11.     Clean Nodes
  12.     Run AutoConfig to complete the Target System configuration
  • Finishing tasks
  1.     Update Third Party Extensions.
  2. Review and update Target System Application Tier Settings and Customizations
  3. Update printer settings
  4. Update Oracle Workflow configuration settings
  5. Verify the APPLCSF variable setting
  7. Start all services on the Target System



Application Tier Platform Migration with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 ID : 438086.1

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