CHECK APPSERVER LOGS. THE SITE BOOTED WITH INTERNAL DEFAULT SETTINGS, BECAUSE OF: bea.jolt.ApplicationException: TPESVCFAIL – application level service failure

I got this error when I fired up Peoplesoft signon page for the first time after a fresh install. The Message is misleading as I was unable to find anything in the app server logs. So what is the cause?

It turns out that the password for the user (PTWEBSERVER in my case) that is used to start the web server was not correct in my file.

I updated the password (you have to change and encrypt it) using instructions from here and bounce the app server and web server. After that everything was working as expected.

How to Change PTWEBSERVER (user that starts web server) password in Peoplesoft

Due to many reasons, you may need to change the password for the user that starts the webserver. In my case, the user is PTWEBSERVER.

Part I => Change in UI

  • Login to Peoplesoft
  • Peopletools–>Security–>User Profiles
  • Search for PTWEBSERVER
  • In the next screen, delete the existing password in the two password fields and update the new password
  • Save.

Part II => Encrypt Password

  • Open a command prompt (in windows) or Terminal (*nix)
  • Navigate to PS_CFG_HOME\webserv\<domain_name>\piabin
  • Run PSCipher <new_password> .It should display something similar to below. Copy the Value after Encrypted text:

Encrypted text: {V1.2}8GZt0MGixBIhd8CyB21lRQ==

Part III => Update configuration file

  • Backup and then open the file PS_CFG_HOME/webserv/<DOMAIN_NAME>/peoplesoft/applications/peoplesoft /PORTAL.war/WEB-INF/psftdocs/ps/
  • Look for an entry called WebPassword. Update the value with the encrypted text that you copied earlier.
  • Restart the web server.