About Me

A highly motivated, result oriented person with experience spanned across different geographical locations and a proven track record of delivering large tasks on time. An Oracle Apps DBA Specialized in performance tuning with ample exposure to both EBS v.11i and R12.

Strong technical background including EBS Upgrade to R12, optimization EBS upgrade from 11i to R12, Oracle DB optimization, Oracle Forms, Reports and SQL optimization. Specialized in Oracle Wait events, Trace Tkprof. Good Exposure to Oracle DB flavors 9i, 10g and 11g.

–The Past

Like many of the final year students in a well-to-do Indian Engineering college, I had two job offers as I entered my final year in college (Well, this was in early 2006 and recession had not kicked in..yet). Two months after I completed my course, I joined my first company, Keane. It was with fascination that I listened to various big-wigs speaking at the induction. They talked about methodologies, industry standards, SQA and what not.

Then, after a week of these orientation sessions,we were split into groups (on what basis, I still do not know), and I was destined to learn .NET with C#. For about 2 months, we toiled in a training room with college style lecturers and CounterStrike. Then we were certified as trained professionals in .NET. A couple of weeks in free pool (the fancy name IT firms give to people whom they pay for doing nothing.. officially) I was again put into training – Oracle Applications. This was a total new world. And 4 weeks later I was into my first project.

I still remember the day my Manager told me that you’d be doing Performance Tuning Performance Optimization (I have become enlightened to use the word optimization instead of tuning) in an Oracle Apps Project and how bewildered I was. I was in good company – with a some great guys as mentors and friends, I picked up skills fast. Most of them were DBAs (some kind of work which gets you big $$$), and I began to understand what it meant to be a DBA. Slowly, I began taking interest in their work and soon, I was a part DBA and part performance tuner. Four years down the line, I am  now an Oracle DBA specializing in Oracle Applications and Performance Optimization.

I  love the kind of work that I do and it gives me great pleasure when people say “Wow! The performance has improved drastically”. Someone once told me that he considers performance tuning as an ART, not a science. Well, I agree with him to an extent. There are no definite set of rules through which you pass a SQL and in the end you get a super efficient SQL. It’s all a hunch and also depends on your mood.

— The Present (2015)

Since the last update in 2010, things have changed. I grew more as a DBA than as a performance guy. I was part of a major upgrade from EBS 11i to R12, which saw us bringing down the initial estimate of 100+ hours for the upgrade to 35. I have been taking an interest in learning other trades – Peoplesoft, Weblogic etc. I had an oppurtunity to attend a Weblogic Administration training a year ago and the product fascinates me. It’s an overkill if you want to just server some webpages, but as an application server, it’s flexibility and stability are mind boggling.

I have started taking an interest in middle-ware technologies. In fact I am currently working on a product implementation using opensource Apache Webserver and Tomcat Application servers for a product called PTC Field Service Management. It’s a new challenge – design the infrastructure of a new product from ground up, learn the product and implement it. I also got to understand various other areas a bit better – storage, networks (especially the F5 Load balancer).

Right now I’m at a point in my career where I know that I can do much better with my skills, but not sure with’s that much better. I’ hoping to find a direction soon and get on that bandwagon.

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