Collection Status : Disabled by Upload Manager & EMD upload error: uploadXMLFiles Skipped:: OMS version not checked yet

I was getting “Collection Status : Disabled by Upload Manager” on one of my EM targets. Now, I prefer to have monitoring and DBA tasks done the old school way, with scripts and all. But we have EM deployed for all targets and this is something that I had to fix.

I started by doing a “emclt upload” and see what it gave. I got the error “EMD upload error: uploadXMLFiles Skipped:: OMS version not checked yet.” . So I went back to MOS to see if  there was any help there. Note 1086343.1 is a good reference.

Upon looking at the emagent log and trace files, I saw that there were connection problems to the OMS repository. Turns out that the targets.xml file (which has details on the various monitored components on any host) was messed up.

To create a new targets.xml file, I took backups and ran the following:

emctl stop agent  --> stop the agent
agentca -d        --> force a discovery of the targets on the host

This took a while, but created a new targets.xml which has all details. I Edited the file to have only the databases that I wanted EM to monitor and removed the rest. The targets.xml is by default created without the password for the connect user (DBSNMP). So  add these two lines for each target (DB). make sure that encrypted is set to FALSE. On the next agent startup, these will be automatically encrypted (username & pwd)

<Property NAME="password" VALUE="password" ENCRYPTED="FALSE"/>

Once this was done, I started the agent up using emctl start agent and all was good.